The free step-by-step guide to basic SEO marketing

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free seo marketing is easy

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE: 1. Five simple steps to optimise your website for search engines 2. Advice on why you should ignore those “I’ll fix your SEO” emails 3. Solid advice for how to let both people and search engines find you   At least twice a day, I get an email from an SEO marketing expert … Read More

Sales is a guy in a leopard-print leotard

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Is your business blog like this?

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. What your calls to action on your blog should and shouldn’t be 2. What your customer feels like when you try to close too early 3. What it feels like to dance with a man in a leotard   The big temptation when you’ve finally got into the groove of your business … Read More

In praise of the University of Google

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a teacher at the University of Google

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1.The best websites to learn about search engine optimisation 2.The best websites to learn about content marketing 3.The best websites to learn about writing   I have teachers in my family, and for a short period I did some teaching. And for as long as I can remember, teachers have been complaining about … Read More

The secret to finding your blog writing style

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blog writing style

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. The one secret to great writing no-one tells you 2. The trick to finding a unique writing voice 3. How other writers develop their own blog writing style   There’s so much about writing that seems uncertain, fluid, and changeable. Especially when it comes to questions about your blog writing style, or … Read More