Five blogging tools to make you a unique writer now

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writing tools online

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE One: Where exactly to find five online writing tools that will make your writing better. Two: The cheapest alternatives to those same services (where available). Three: The one tool for writing you will NEVER get an app for.   Everyone is a little intimidated by writing because they want to do it well enough. … Read More

Three must-know laws for bloggers

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laws for bloggers

THREE THINGS YOU WILL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. The best free non-professional advice on defamation you will ever get 2. The one trick about privacy laws you may overlook 3. The truth which busts the most common myths about copyright   Writing a blog, or posting a social media update, often seems like a very personal form of expression … Read More

How much should you do yourself?

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THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE: 1. What you should always outsource in your digital content marketing 2. What you may or may not outsource, depending on your time and budget 3. What you should never, ever, in any circumstances, outsource   My early pick for the word of the year this year would be ‘disruption’. Sure, people working … Read More

Why you need an email list

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email marketing

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. The three most common complaints about building an email database 2. The most cost-effective form of marketing for practices 3. The difference between staying in touch and spamming patients   Anyone with an interest in marketing will tell you email marketing is important, and you need to build an email list of … Read More

Talk to the animals

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vet blog

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. Why a blog is a good way to talk to patients when you’re not around 2. A simple way to plan out a year’s worth of blog posts 3. Twelve blog post topics for your vet practice you can find right now, for free   When you’re running a busy veterinary practice, … Read More

10 WordPress plugins we can’t live without

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THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. The best plugin for stopping spam on your WordPress site 2. A couple of handy plugins for saving you time in updating your site 3. A general overview of the extra functionality your WordPress site will need. Back in the earliest days when we started our sites, my Monday mornings presented a … Read More

Is social media just chattering teeth?

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medical practice social media

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. How to use social media properly 2. Why social media is different to “word-of-mouth” 3. What your Facebook page CAN and CAN’T give you Many specialist and generalist medical and dental practices have a social media presence. But how many know why they have one? Is it to engage with their customers (whatever … Read More

How to blog for dentists

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dental blog

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. A way to use Google to work out what your patients want to read 2. Seven actionable blog post ideas for your dental blog you can use RIGHT NOW 3. Advice on the next step to take in the process Before I tell you how to blog, you probably want to know … Read More