How your website increases case acceptance

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Super case acceptance dentist

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE: 1. How you can establish authority with patients 2. Why Google cares about your authority and trustworthiness 3. How ‘publish or perish’ applies to websites   Case acceptance remains one of the big ongoing problems for any dental professional. You diagnose a problem, come up with a treatment plan—then watch as the patients … Read More

The business blog jargon guide

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a guide to marketing jargon

THREE THINGS YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS ARTICLE: 1. The meaning of common types of jargon you’ll encounter in digital marketing 2. An idea of why these terms and words are important to your marketing plan 3. The most important ideas behind digital and content marketing   Every industry has its own jargon. Often it’s just a shorthand way of identifying … Read More

Back to SEO basics – Getting keywords right

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searcher finds the right SEO keywords

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE: 1. How your keywords relate to the way people search for you 2. The three basic types of searches 3. What a long tail keyword is   Targeting keywords is one of the basic building blocks of a digital marketing plan. But maybe because it seems so basic, a lot of people are … Read More

Recycled content is not self-plagiarism

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THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. How to write two different classic types of blog post 2. How to repurpose that old content into a brand new post 3. An explanation of how you can recycle content without Google penalties   I was recently introduced to a brand new idea: self-plagiarism. I initially found this idea to be … Read More

Are your patients trusting Dr Google?

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consulting Dr Google

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE: 1. The psychological reason patients believe crazy things 2. A list of current web advice that you may need to counter 3. Why it can be good for you to fight these ideas on your blog   Dr Kerry Chant is one of my heroes. A couple of years ago, Dr Chant, the … Read More

Are you invisible to search engines?

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search engines

THREE THINGS YOU’LL GET FROM THIS ARTICLE 1. A way to test whether Google can see you or not 2. The difference between Analytics and Search Console 3. Two easy ways to build and submit a sitemap Ahh, search engines — they’re always trying to please. Back in the old days, TV stations and magazines didn’t really care if you … Read More